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The WardMaps Antique Map Collection
We sell authentic antique maps as well as reproductions. The core of our collection are 19th and early 20th century maps including cadastral maps.
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Recent Atlases of Maps Acquisitions
A New Universal Atlas of the W... 1854
Atlas of the State of New York 1829-1832
Atlas of the State of Michigan 1873
Cyclist Road Maps 1893
Cram World Atlas 1905
Appleton Atlas of Modern Geogr... 1892
Canada 1907
Canada 1922
Mitchells New General Atlas 1873
World Atlas Maps 1898
Belgium and Holland 1885
Atlas and Gazetteer of New Yor... 1870
Montreal Official Souvenir Map... 1967
Italy from the Alps to Naples 1909
Northern Italy 1913

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Recent Individual Map Acquisitions
World Map 1882
South Africa 1865
Ocean Beach 1881
Africa 1890
MIT 1950 circa
MIT and Vicinity 1950 circa
Manasquan River 1881
Manasquan River 1881
Boston & Northwestern Railroad 1881
Barnegat Bay 1881
Baltimore 1848
Asia 1882
Manhattan & New York City unknown
Rivers & Mountains 1861
Manchester & Mechanicsville & Richmond unknow...

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