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Scanning Services
We have scanned tens of thousands of antique maps, photographs, negatives and postcards large and small. Scanning original content allows us to make our our giclee reproductions and feature that content on our website. We scan our own items, those of our consignees as well as items brought in by customers. We use both flat bed and large format scanners. There are other scanning processes that can be utilized for thin or fragile maps including photography. We have capabilities to scan less than legal size maps with an extremely high resolution via our flat bed scanner and we have relationships with outside vendors who photograph larger and fragile items including wall maps. Scanning of maps, photographs, negatives, postcards, etc. is quoted on a case by case basis.Contact us to inquire about scanning your antique maps.
Large Format Scanning
We scan oversize items. We can scan just about any flat and flexible media from paper to canvas. If you have large paper prints, original artwork or other oversize media, we can scan it. We utilize a commercial grade, large format feed scanner which captures content at extremely high resolution, excellent color and fine detail. Our scanner accepts and mechanically draws an antique map or other paper media to be scanned. Digital files can be burned onto CDs or DVDs. We can make output files available for direct download from our server as well. Large format scanning costs are quoted on a case by case basis. Please contact us to inquire about scanning your oversize item.

Scan & Consign with Us
If we scan your maps, photographs or other content and find it appropriate for inclusion in our collection, we can use the digital versions of the maps to market your maps to our customers. In addition, we can offer fine art reproductions of your content to our customers and pay you a commission every time we sell a reproduction of your item. Contact us to inquire about scanning and consigning your antique maps or photographs. Click here to learn more about consigning with us.
We Respect Copyright
We are unable to and it is unlawful to reproduce any works that are copyrighted or otherwise protected works without proper permission. We are unable to scan protected printed materials, maps, photographs or the artwork of others without explicit permission from any copyright holder(s). While many antique maps are free of copyright protection, many are still protected. We have a working understanding of copyright protections afforded to antique maps, photographs and other 2D content and can assist in evaluating the copyrights that may exist or not for an item to be scanned.

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